Company History

Maarten Smits Michiel Smits

Maarten Smits has been an innovator in the development of advanced electrostatic speaker technology for more than a decade during his ownership of Final, a company that was founded in 1989 by the brothers Maarten and Michiel Smits. During the 1990s, Final served the audiophile market exclusively, in 2004 Maarten and Michiel left the company and re started Final recently.


Our vision

We strongly believe we can enrich your life with moments of happiness and pure listening ecstasy. Everything we do is focused on representing a sound experience outside the concert hall in such a realistic and vivid way that you will be immersed in the music and that you can almost touch every note. We are sure this is a feeling and experience you’ve never had before. Through our technology and high standards of quality we will help you to rediscover all your music, whether it is analog or digital. The (he)art of sound is revealed in a way the musician once intended it to be. Imagine: your favorite musician live on stage; right in front of you, whenever you want.