Model 15
Customizable flat panel speaker
Elegant design

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Imagine; John Lennon playing live right in front of you in your living room. We are able to realize that sensation with our pure magical sound reproduction. Do you want to reveal the true (he)art of sound?

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Why we believe in electrostatic technology

Final Electrostatic Loudspeakers are made by a dedicated group of physicists and engineers. If you are in the market for a truly remarkable high performance speaker system, please take a moment to consider our point of view…

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Engineering Final
Ppersonalize the way you want.

Customizable flat panels

When you consider all of the facts, it’s a compelling argument. The audio industry trade press and the Society of Industrial Designers think these speakers are pretty cool stuff. We think you will too. Get completely convinced, hear them for yourself before you buy anything.

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Our product line up

The all new model 3, model 5, model 7, model 12 and model 15 are modular concepts, these new developed products with full metal body and frame are available as wall-mounted and floor standing electrostatic loudspeaker. All our models can be either passive or active and full flat or hybrid. It’s up to you.

Model 7 hybrid
High resolution audio

Where Art and Science Meet

Our state of the art technology combined with our customizable ustomable design flat panel or hybrid design electrostatic speaker makes this the perfect choice; unmatched sound; you’re in control.