Why you should buy an electrostatic loudspeaker and why it should be a Final one

The electrostatic loudspeaker was invented long ago. When it came available in a commercial version, the first customers were dedicated audiophiles and studio engineers. Obviously, both understood that a loudspeaker should be neutral in order to let the music flow without colouration and distortion. The ultimate goal? To be directly connected with live music, without a loudspeaker in between. During that time, there were already a lot of horn loudspeakers and dynamic systems. But most of them showed colouration and distortion and were less transparent than nowadays.


The electrostatic technology is based on simple principles. But to build a good performing and above all long term reliable electrostatic panel needs extra effort. For instance, an electrostatic panel has a conductive foil. The conductive layer should have the same density for every square centimetre/inch of the foil. If not, the acceleration will be different for separate parts of the membrane, and it will lose dynamics causing some frequencies to have less impact. Die-hard lovers of electrostatic loudspeakers also know that the older membranes would require some maintenance. The older conductive material can deteriorate over time because it’s UV sensitive, dust should be removed on a regular base and after many years it might be necessarily to change the membrane.  Nothing special or to worry about. It’s just like regularly servicing your car.


However, Final has come up with some clever innovative ideas about the membrane. Due to new production technologies and advanced materials, the membrane’s density is very even. The material is extremely strong and insensitive for pollution and UV radiation. The membrane is very stable and energy efficient. When not using the panels for a short time, the power to the panels is automatically shut off. The panel will attract less dust and will last longer. When the panel senses a signal, the power is switched on automatically and the electrostatic system is at directly fully operable. This makes the Final panels to be very durable, high performant and extremely transparent, as if you are listening to live music.


Although the world of horn loudspeakers and dynamic systems has evolved, electrostatic panel still have quite some differentiating advantages that sets them apart. Maybe today there are very expensive neutral and transparent high-end loudspeakers available, but they will always require crossovers that bring inherent trade off’s. An electrostatic panel does not have crossovers. Smaller panels could benefit from a crossover with a subwoofer, but the whole range between approximately 80 Hz and 20k does not need a crossover. Especially not in the sensitive midrange. There is no crossover distortion or resonances from separate drivers. Electrostatic panels are also masters in sound staging. Electrostatic panels do have a large radiating area. Sound reproduction is about accelerating air molecules. These panels are able to move a lot of air and thereby filling the room with a power full sound. It adds to the perception of reality.


On top of that, Final electrostatic loudspeakers are very affordable. Nowadays, the market is crowded with loudspeakers with price tags from 30K and up. Some of them are truly very good. But the Final loudspeakers will bring all of the important musical attributes which are important for a realistic audio experience. Think about sound staging, detail, micro detail, neutrality, dynamics, room filling power, fastness and an impression of smashing reality. The bass of the larger Final panels is tune full, detailed and fast. An additional benefit besides their beautiful Dutch Design? Final loudspeakers are very light. When needed, one person can relocate them very easy.