Audio Show in Uithoorn | The Netherlands

Togheter with our Dutch distributor Mafico, BigBoysAudioToys in Uithoorn (Netherlands) planned a spectaculair listening show on Saturday (March 2, 2024).

During this afternoon a Model 15 will take center stage. Our top model electrostat will be controlled by electronics from Contrad-Johnson and we promise you one thing; you will not soon forget this experience. Hi-fi at the highest. Besides that; they found a special environment for this occasion; The Thamer Church in Uithoorn.


  • 13:30 pm: Walk in
  • 13:45 pm: Word of welcome by Robert Stefess (Owner BigBoysAudioToys)
  • 14:00 pm: Music!
  • 14.30 pm: Break and explanation by David van Duijn (Owner Mafico)
  • 14:45 pm: Music!
  • 15:15 pm: Break and explanation Maarten Smits (Owner Final)3:30 pm: Music!
  • 16:00 pm: Room for questions and discussion led by Hans Scholten (Mafico)
  • 16:15 pm: Walking to the BigBoysAudioToys showroom at Thamerlaan 37A.
  • 16:30 pm: Drinks with music

We hope to see you there! 😉

Registration is required